Offices are located in Berkeley Springs, West Virginia and Towson, Maryland.
Sessions are $100 per hour.
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Couples, like many of us, experience difficulties that lead to criticizing, blaming, ignoring, and other forms of distancing from one another. Even so, couples want to be connected in their relationship.

The Imago process builds a trusting form of communication. Each partner experiences safely listening to or speaking about his or her thoughts, feelings, or opinions. Couples learn to do this without making negative responses to one another. Using these positive communication tools, couples then delve into their relationship obstacles. New-found trust allows for responding with understanding and respect rather than falling back to previous negative reactions.

Knowing the obstacles, couples learn to explore various options for resolving conflicts, doing so with caring consideration of one another’s opinions and beliefs. Using these communication and problem solving skills, couples can evolve into a renewed, safe relationship of fulfillment and intimacy.

Kathy created a safe space for us to learn new patterns to constructively address old behaviors.  We have new, helpful tools, in our tool box, to use at home.Blair,
Kathy is a knowledgeable, soulful guide. She gently brought me and my partner into a safe and accepting space to work together and get back on track.   I am filled with hope and acceptance.Shannon,
Kathy was a magical bridge. She helps couples connect with sincerity and compassionDeana,
Kathy has a gentle way of presenting powerful material. We learned a lot and were able to refocus our affection for each other and redefine our values.Craig,
Kathy provided a safe comfortable space for exploring our issues surrounding getting the love we want.  She was highly effective and relevant to our particular situation.  I would recommend her to anybody.Susan,
Kathy is like a warm, smiling hug.  She's keenly tuned in and her guidance appears to come so easily.  After 26 years together, I thought I knew everything about my partner....surprise!  I have learned so much about us both.John,

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