Kathy created a safe space for us to learn new patterns to constructively address old behaviors.  We have new, helpful tools, in our tool box, to use at home.Blair,
Kathy is a knowledgeable, soulful guide. She gently brought me and my partner into a safe and accepting space to work together and get back on track.   I am filled with hope and acceptance.Shannon,
Kathy was a magical bridge. She helps couples connect with sincerity and compassionDeana,
Kathy has a gentle way of presenting powerful material. We learned a lot and were able to refocus our affection for each other and redefine our values.Craig,
Kathy provided a safe comfortable space for exploring our issues surrounding getting the love we want.  She was highly effective and relevant to our particular situation.  I would recommend her to anybody.Susan,
Kathy is like a warm, smiling hug.  She's keenly tuned in and her guidance appears to come so easily.  After 26 years together, I thought I knew everything about my partner....surprise!  I have learned so much about us both.John,