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We invite you to explore breath as a healing and transformational opportunity.

In the Potential of Breath Workshop, the history of breathwork will illuminate breathwork’s place in the great spiritual and yogic traditions. In the exploration of healthy breath, we will look into the physical workings of the breath and learn to optimize expansive breathing. We will learn the elements of Integrative Breathing, a form of breathing that fosters physical, emotional, cognitive and spiritual healing and transformation. Participants will then engage in a guided breathwork session facilitated and supported by an experienced team of breathwork practitioners. Following the breathwork session, we will have the opportunity to share thoughts, feelings and questions arising from our experience together.

This workshop is led by Carol Seddon, Paul Phillips and Kathy Sirota, Integrative Breathwork Practitioners trained by Jessica Dibb and certified by the Inspiration Consciousness School and the International Breathwork Training Alliance.

Class fee is $60.. Enroll by email: essence@inspirationcommunity.org or calling 410-998-9777