I am a Licensed Certified Social Worker – Clinical, with 30 years of professional experience. My Masters training was completed in the School of Social Work at the University of Maryland – Baltimore.

Beyond my Master’s degree, I completed an extensive training program to become a Certified Advanced Imago Therapist and Workshop Presenter. In addition, I became an Integrative Breathwork Clinician after completing years of training with Jessica Dibb, founder of the Inspiration Consciousness School in Baltimore, Maryland.

Years ago, the relationship with my husband,Jerry, became painful and challenging. We turned to Imago Therapy, which gave us tools to enrich our lives. After 27 years, the success remains awesome! We continue to live “Imago” with one another and our family.

Our experience led me to become an Advanced Imago Therapist working with couples, individuals and groups. The Imago process supports delving into relationship obstacles, exploring options for resolving conflicts, and creating positive changes for handling life’s challenges and joys.  Over the years, I have found that couples, working together, have a faster and deeper movement toward healing and growth. Therefore, couples and groups are my Imago specialty.

For individuals, I use Integrative Breathwork Therapy along with Imago techniques. This process is a mixture of ‘talk therapy’ and a type of breathing through which a client can experience a memory, sensation, feeling or whatever issue presents itself. This experience leads into a unique depth of exploration and healing. Therefore, individuals are my Breathwork specialty.

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