Welcome to an opportunity of exploration and self-discovery for deepening interpersonal harmony in daily life. Within a safe, supportive environment, people may experience ways to:

  • Couples therapy in the Imago model
  • Identify personal obstacles in relationships.
  • Discover ineffective thoughts and behaviors.
  • Explore new options for relating to self and others.
  • Awaken inner potential for deeper connections.
  • Create positive changes for ongoing growth and fulfillment.

Counseling sessions are available in Berkeley Springs West Virginia and Towson, Maryland.  Contact Kathy now for more information

Berkeley Springs Cabin

Berkeley Springs, West Virginia is the location for Imago “Getting the Love You Want” Couples Weekend Workshops.

You may find Towson more convenient and accessible for individual and couples sessions.

 Meet Kathy

Profile of KathyKathy Sirota, LCSW-C   –   Advanced Imago Therapist

  • Licensed Certified Social Worker – Clinical
  • Advanced Imago Therapist for Couples and Individuals
  • Certified Imago Workshop Presenter
  • Certified Breathwork Clinician
  • Over 30 Years of Clinical Experience

Upcoming Events

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